National Instruments launches new version of LabView

national instruments labview

Latest version of LabView features 500+ new supported instruments, five new 64-bit add-ons, supports improved Python integration

National Instruments, a provider of platform-based testing systems that enable engineers and scientists, has launched LabView 2016 system design software.

NI says it empowers engineers to simplify development and effectively integrate software from the ecosystem into their systems.

The latest version of LabView introduces new channel wires to simplify complex communication between parallel sections of code. Available on both desktop and real-time versions of LabView, the channel wire method helps improve code readability and reduces development time. 

Christopher Relf, chief engineer at VI Engineering, says: “The new channel wires in LabView 2016 enable us to develop applications even faster by making architectures that are more transferable across domains.

“With channel wires, we can set up sophisticated software architectural patterns that natively have multiple sources, without having to create and maintain considerable amounts of custom software in the background.”

Much of the success that LabView users have had relies on the openness of both the product itself and the ecosystem that supports it.

NI says LabView 2016 continues this trend with enhanced interoperability with Python and third-party devices.

This openness, combined with several new enhancements, “helps users continue to improve productivity by streamlining code development and deployment”, says NI.

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