Kuka and Boll shorten production times for Daimler

kuka quantec daimler

The Kuka KR Quantec robot and the Binspect vision system from Boll Automation optimize the unloading of tubes for axle production at Daimler. Photo: Kuka

Solution integrating Kuka robots and Boll Automation technology at Daimler shortens cycle times and eliminates downtimes and set-up times

Boll Automation has developed an automation solution for the commercial vehicle manufacturer, Daimler.

In the solution, a Kuka KR Quantec robot cooperates with the Binspect vision system from Boll Automation in a bin picking system to optimize the unloading of tubes for the production of axles. 

The process in the bin picking system begins with the scanning of a newly delivered bin. The result is simulated on the monitor and the collision-free path of the robot is planned within tenths of a second.

The robot then removes the tube that is easiest to access from the bin using the magnetic gripper and sets the tube down at the inspection station. Here, the station identifies the type of tube and signals the robot to set it down on the carrier.

If a tube of the wrong type is detected, the incorrect tube is offloaded via a reject rack. Once the last tube has been removed from the bin, the Binspect vision system from Boll Automation automatically moves to the next full bin in order to continue unloading tubes without interruption.

At the same time, the empty bin can be exchanged for a full bin during operation in order to avoid downtimes. In addition, the next step of the process chain seamlessly follows on from the unloading process.

The system solution provides a wide variety of advantages: stable operation even in harsh environments, no set-up times, full use of the flexibility of a robot cell, not impacted by extraneous light thanks to 3D scanning, and a design according to protection rating IP65.

Innovative software solutions ensure brief, practicable cycle times with high system availability.

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