Robotiq and Varioptic launch camera for Universal Robots


Robotiq and Varioptic announce the availability of the Robotiq Camera specifically designed for Universal Robots 

The new Robotiq Camera includes a CMOS sensor and a Caspian module from Varioptic.

It has the ability to focus from as close as 70 mm to infinity and comes with a software package for Universal Robots which allows the camera to be setup within minutes.

It will fit all UR wrists and is accessible directly from the robot controller.

Olivier Grenier-Lafond, Robotiq sales and marketing co-ordinator, says: “The use of a variable focus camera in robotic applications is extremely helpful. It means you can pick objects of various sizes from different angles without complicated camera settings. 

Frédéric Laune, Varioptic director of sales and marketing, says: “Our Liquid Lens technology is a perfect fit for robotic applications, as the technology has a unique resistance to accelerations and vibrations. Thus, a picture can be taken immediately after picking an object.”