actuators and airline seats

How motion systems transform airline seating from cramped into comfortable

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actuators and airline seats


As the demand for air travel keeps on growing, so does the needs of the passengers that come aboard.

Aero planes tend to have very limited space for which much of the facilities have to be fitted in and made to the standards that the customers are willing to pay for.

As such, engineers are tasked with figuring out how best they bring about that element without compromising on the size of the air craft and safety among others, while maintaining the economic aspect of the airline owners. 

This means a comfortable and cost effective aircraft are the target characteristics that most of the manufacturers focus on. Linear actuators are a key component in achieving these goals.

actuators and airline seats

Seat technology is thus a crucial aspect in the industry and one that has gained much following among the main players in the industry.

In the fourth International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating in 2013, held in Hamburg, the main agenda was on how best to bring up the standards of the economy class to rival that of the first class of luxury.

According to the industry players, there is need to make sure that there are innovations on the aircrafts if the industry is to boost and maintain prosperity.

One of the main concerns revolves around making sure that the basic empty weight is reduced. This way the airline operators are at an advantage as this also reduces the amount fuel used and hence the cost. This further impacts the tickets costs and there is a trickledown effect of the benefits including to the environment and the economy.

Recent development in the fuel industry have forced the manufacturers to yield to the pressure. Fuel is one of the most significant costs in the airline industry and has more reaching impacts than any other factor. The rise in the cost of the fuel has prompted the aircraft manufactures to advance their seat technology.

actuators and airline seats

The use of lead screw actuators is an important part of the technology, as they are used to reduce the weight while increasing the level of comfort a seat and the space deliver. The electromechanically lead screw actuators used on the passenger seats provide for neck support, back support, footrest and the base, with the element of adjustability.

With the use of the acme thread forms, it is possible to form an ideal seat actuation system. This provides a highly dependable and even repeatable performance over the lifetime of the aircraft. The actuators are coupled with high quality and proven aerospace grade motors, they can match the safety regulations, optimize comfort and space.

The actuators provide for linear motion that is accurate and controlled. This means that the passengers can easily make adjustments to their seating positions with minimal and linear inputs to get the same effect.

As such, the customers on the plane do not have experiences where their adjustments result in uncomfortable positions or even poor control of their seats at all times. At the same time the control is maximized to point where it does not interfere with the comfort of the rest of the passengers on the plane.

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