f&p personal robotics

Jebsen boasts of ‘remarkable achievements’ in China through partnership with F&P Personal Robotics

f&p personal robotics

Jebsen Industrial is hailing what it says are its “remarkable achiements” in China, partly as a result of its partnership with F&P Personal Robotics

Jebsen Group markets and distributes premium products and services across China. One of its business units is Jebsen Industrial, which provides automation services.

Officially called Automation & Services (A&S), the JI business unit is focused on manufacturing automation and intelligence services to provide “green, electronic, intelligent and smart solutions”.

A vital partnership is its F&P Personal Robotics in Switzerland, which is a pioneer in collaborative robots interacting with humans, and providing economic and customizable light weight robotic solutions. 

Through its new manufacturing execution software systems from Forcam in Germany, A&S is able to combine various pieces of production automation technology and provide an effective management system linking into enterprise resource planning, allowing continuous production productivity monitoring and resulting improvement management.

A&S continues to upgrade its technical capabilities by expanding into the field of CNC spindle repair at its newly built centre to open in Dalian in June, 2016.

Helmuth Hennig, group managing director, Jebsen Group, says: “Jebsen Industrial’s remarkable results in 2015 are just another testament to the Group’s adaptability and resilience over the past 120 years.

“Over the generations, we have seen important shifts and have always been able to apply our strengths and capabilities to meet changing needs in the market. Moving forward, we can see that change will only happen more frequently and faster, and we are confident that working closely with our partners, all of us will continue to prosper.”