GateHouse Logistics joins Industrial Data Space

gatehouse logistics

Supply chain data unifier joins association of business leaders to identify, analyze and evaluate best practice requirements for open Industry 4.0 ecosystems across all industrial sectors

Data tracking unifier GateHouse Logistics today announces that it has become a member of the Industrial Data Space (IDS) user association to participate in the development of reference architecture for Industry 4.0 software solutions and business models. 

Launched by European research organisation Fraunhofer in January 2016, the association brings together science and industry to develop open architecture models for all sectors turning to the applied use of Industry 4.0. Examples include smart manufacturing, and smart supply chains. 

The association has its roots in Germany and aims to become a global organisation open to all researchers and industry members. 

The most important requirements to be met by the reference architecture model comprise data sovereignty, decentralising data management, data economy, easy linkage of data between data providers and data consumers, certification of data services and participants, securing data in the supply chain and data governance.

“Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are key success factors for companies in Germany,” says Dr Reinhold Achatz, chairman of the board, Industrial Data Space. 

“The association ensures that the specific interests of the industry contribute to the research work. At the same time, companies will have faster access to the results from the Industrial Data Space research project and be able to implement them faster too.

“Industry 4.0 is at the heart of tomorrow’s smarter, connected supply chain ecosystems and GateHouse Logistics is well-positioned to bring its expertise to IDS in the development of next generation data models,” adds Lars Mohr Jensen, partner and product manager, GateHouse Logistics.

“Our proven ghTrack data platform is an example of how all involved in the supply chain can benefit from next generation data management and exchange technologies.”

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