hacker cybercriminal

Important notice: This website is under attack

Like many websites large and small, famous and not-so-famous, RoboticsAndAutomationNews.com has been hacked and attacked since its launch, especially as it has grown in popularity.

hacker cybercriminal

The most difficult attacks to deal with are the ones where attackers leave outgoing links to websites we do not have anything to do with – gambling sites and so on. It’s difficult if not impossible to find where the hackers place those outgoing links and how to get rid of them. We have managed so far by deleting lots and lots of stuff, hoping that the malicious code is in among the rubbish we have thrown out.

The other thing the cybercriminals like to do is subscribe to the website using false or otherwise dishonest email addresses. Then, I guess, they smugly bask in their self-generated, self-satisfied, sanctimonious, hypocritical and extremely infuriating attitude wherein they may actually be accusing us of trolling them or something.

Dealing with this is rather more difficult. How do we know that the email address of someone who has subscribed is genuine or not? We have no way of finding out. We do not ask our subscribers for any other details except email addresses, so how can we know?

We regularly look at our subscribers list and delete emails which look fake or somehow wrong. We apologise whole-heartedly to any genuine subscriber whose email we have unsubscribed or deleted during such security and housekeeping procedures. Please just sign up again, and maybe email us directly and let us know, so we can keep you in mind for free goodies in the future by way of appreciation.

We are reconsidering our sign-up form and may ask for more details and make it verifiable, to try and limit this problem we are currently having with these hackers and criminals. But, as many online companies large and small have found out, no matter how many security precautions you take, the cybercriminals are always looking for ways around them.

Editorial standards prevent me from using bad language against the perpetrators of these trolling / hacking activities against us. We are trying to produce a good website here, and provide interesting and useful news and information to our readers. And we work hard at doing that.

What do these criminals want? What do they work hard at? I’ll leave you to decide. I just hope they don’t continue trolling us and attacking us. We would rather spend our time and effort writing more articles, not finding one or two lines of malicious code in among millions of words on the website.