Autani adds EnOcean devices to IoT space


Autani, a provider of building controls and IoT, has added EnOcean enabled device support to its EnergyCenter building management platform.

Devices from a wide range of EnOcean Alliance partners can now be used to switch and dim lighting, respond to motion and daylighting sensors, and interface with an array of building controls through the EnergyCenter platform.

EnergyCenter users can now integrate more types of devices than ever before into their systems for a truly comprehensive and user-friendly energy management platform. 

“Because EnergyCenter is an open IoT platform, customers can integrate with EnOcean devices for local area control, and backhaul data over autaniNet to EnergyCenter,” says Eric Gustafson, product engineering director for Autani.

“From there, data is accessible via BACnet or a native Tridium Niagara AX driver. No other system on the market provides that kind of flexibility, reliability, and ease of use in a single, pre-integrated package.”

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