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Fully autonomous security robot prepares to terrify intruders

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Gamma 2 Robotics launches Ramsee, a fully autonomous security robot, in partnership with Hexagon 

Gamma 2 Robotics, which claims to be the maker of the world’s first artificially intelligent autonomous security robots, has launched Ramsee, a new security patrol robot, at HxGN Live, Hexagon’s international conference.

The launch at HxGN Live is part of a new partnership with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, which claims to be “the global leader in public safety and security solutions”.

Ramsee is a physical robot that patrols autonomously without supervision and provides real-time data on intruders, motion, heat, fire, smoke, gas and more. As a human-machine interface it creates a powerful force multiplier, says Gamma 2. 

Lew Pincus, chief executive officer, Gamma 2 Robotics, says: “Ramsee will change the world of security because it never rests and operates at a fraction of the cost paid for other security services.

“We built Ramsee to be ideally suited for the overnight dull, dirty and dangerous patrols nobody wants to do. These are the jobs for which the security industry struggles to find staffing.”

The companies that provide security personnel as well as the end users of security services have been plagued with an inability to recruit staff, says Gamma 2, resulting in high turn-over and low reliability of manned security labor. By using Ramsee as a “force multiplier, safety and security can be delivered at a lower cost with greater reliability”, says the company.

Kalyn Sims, chief technology officer, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, says: “Mobile sensor platforms, such as robots and drones, have the potential to disrupt public safety and security markets.

“Through our partnership with Gamma 2 Robotics and other efforts, Hexagon is exploring the integration of mobile sensor platforms, command-and-control software and advanced analytics to enhance public safety and security.”

While useful in their own right, the value of robots and other mobile sensor platforms increases when integrated with other safety and security assets, such as video surveillance systems, access control systems, building automation systems and others, into command-and-control software for a comprehensive solution for threat detection, assessment and response.

At HxGN Live in Anaheim, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Gamma 2 Robotics are demonstrating the capabilities of a comprehensive physical security information management solution featuring Hexagon’s command-and-control software and multiple security systems and sensors, including Ramsee.

“We teamed with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and chose to launch our new line of security robots at HxGN Live because Hexagon’s global footprint and reputation for innovative solutions provide an international platform for our game-changing, disruptive technology in security services,” said Pincus.

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