husqvarna dxr 140

Robore Cuts tests Husqvarna’s demolition robot

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husqvarna dxr 140
The Husqvarna DXR 140 demolition robot tears down the Bloomsbury Theatre

Company puts Husqvarna DXR 140 demolition robot through its paces on a construction site 

Robore Cuts – a diamond drilling, cutting and controlled demolition specialist – has put its expertise to precise effect by demolishing a fire escape within the University College of London – Bloomsbury Theatre.

Strict noise and vibration controls were being enforced, therefore they turned to Husqvarna’s DXR 140 Demolition Robot to complete the work on time and within the restrictions stipulated.

Robore Cuts provides a specialist diamond drilling, sawing and controlled demolition contractor service to the construction industry both nationally and internationally. 

husqvarna HCD50-0017-dxr-140 small
The Husqvarna DXR 140 – looks a bit like a dinosaur, but is actually the very latest in construction industry technology

Robore Cuts were recently contracted to complete a 12 week project demolishing the existing fire escape at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre in central London.

Due to the nature of the building, its surroundings and to mitigate the impact of work on the surrounding community they were required to comply with strict noise & vibration restrictions.

Throughout the project the work was carried out in close proximity to the study facilities at the University, even with important exams taking place in the University, so it was imperative there was only limited disruption to the daily running of the campus.

With this in mind the method to demolish the structure had to be altered to abide with these restrictions. To fall in line with the constraints in place, Robore Cuts took the decision to complete the project by diamond drilling, bursting and crunching with robotic jaws, therefore making it easier to complete the job with minimal disruption.

For the contract Robore Cuts chose the DXR 140, the smallest and lightest demolition robot in the Husqvarna range. With its compact design and optimal high power to weight ratio, its motor enables the operator to utilise 100% of the attachments force.

Peter Rimmer, drilling operative from Robore Cuts, says: “The DXR 140 is a powerhouse in a small package that constantly surprises clients with its ability to take on even the most demanding of jobs. The ergonomic control system is easy to use and navigate and the menu-driven control system offers a wide degree of flexibility with the attachment options.”

Rimmer adds: “DXR 140 proved to be flexible and reliable in use at UCL. The combination with the crunching jaws was particularly effective in keeping ahead of the programme whilst maintaining a strict compliance with the noise restrictions at exam time.”

The Husqvarna DXR teamed with hydraulic crunching jaws helped Robore Cuts to demolish three floors, roughly 14 metres of the structure using what the companies claim were “silent methods”. It was so effective that the client hadn’t realised they had started on the physical demolition, the they add.

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