g7 japan shinzo abe

Japan leader promotes robot revolution at G7 Summit

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g7 japan shinzo abe
Japanese prime minister and robot fanatic Shinzo Abe, centre, shows off autonomous cars made by Japanese companies

Local automakers take G7 Summit opportunity to show off new autonomous car technology 

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe claims autonomous car technology will be safer than the human motorists of today, according to an official translation of his comments.

Abe, a fanatical supporter of artificial intelligence who recently launched a “robot revolution” to accelerate the robot takeover of the world, made his remarks at the G7 Summit, where leaders of the seven most powerful trading nations in the world were given a closer look at the latest in autonomous car technology, as well as more environmentally friendly fuel systems.

The G7 Summit was held last week in Ise-Shima, Japan, and local carmakers Toyota, Honda and Nissan took the opportunity to unveil some new innovations in their autonomous product range. 

Prime Minsiter Abe presented the cars at what was called a “side event” at the summit, and leaders took test rides in the vehicles.

According to an official statement explaining Abe’s comments, the Japanese prime minister is said to have told the G7 leaders that “the commercialization of automated-driving vehicles will serve to reduce traffic accidents and ensure a transportation means for the elderly and others that is safe and offers a peace of mind”.

Abe added that “Japan will aim to achieve the safest road traffic society in the world in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games”.

Abe also said that “Japan is promoting the wider use of fuel-cell vehicles that utilize hydrogen energy and will lead the world in working to resolve environmental and energy problems”.

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