Epson sells 10,000 more industrial robots

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Company claims 20 per cent increase of its global install base 

Epson Robots claims to have sold 10,000 robots since last year’s publication of a list of the largest industrial robot manufacturers in the world. had previously listed Epson as having 45,000 industrial robots installed worldwide, but this has now been updated to 55,000. 

The new, increased figure does not change Epson Robots’ position in the list – the company remains at number eight.

Top of the list is Fanuc, which has 400,000 industrial robots installed worldwide. Its recent increase is partly as a result of an exclusivity deal with General Motors.

GM had previously utilised a diverse range of industrial robot brands at its factories, but reached a deal with Fanuc which involved networking all of GM’s robots worldwide.

Fanuc reached the top spot relatively recently. Prior to that, Yaskawa was thought to have the largest industrial robot install base in the world.

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