Fetch signs deal with SAP on logistics robot warehouse system

fetch freight robot

Fetch Robotics has entered a partnership with SAP that incorporates SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application with the Fetch and Freight robots from Fetch Robotics.

Fetch Robotics builds robot systems for the logistics industry. Unveiled in May 2015, the Fetch Robotics system is comprised of an autonomous mobile platform (called Freight) and an advanced mobile manipulator (called Fetch).

Fetch and Freight use a charging dock for continuous operations, allowing the robots to charge when needed and then continue on with their tasks. In addition, the system includes accompanying fleet management software, fetchcore, to support the robots and integrate with the warehouse environment. 

The partnership between Fetch Robotics and SAP will enhance the efficiency at warehouses by enhancing the capabilities of SAP EWM with the ability to interact with the physical environment through the use of autonomous robots working alongside and helping workers to perform repetitive tasks such as goods delivery, pick and pack, and surveying.

The combination of Fetch Robotics and SAP EWM application integrates complex supply chain logistics with warehouse and distribution processes.

Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics, says: “We’re delighted to combine our expertise in robotics with SAP’s experience in warehouse management. It’s an innovative combination of hardware and software that benefits warehouse operators and their employees.”

Franz Hero, SVP of supply chain and logistics development, SAP, says: “The combination of Fetch Robotics and our warehouse management system means that warehouse operators benefit from more efficient operation.

“This integrated warehouse functionality allows logistics companies to automate the transportation of picked and packaged goods within their warehouse and drastically improves the efficiency of the warehouse workers.”

The Virtual Conveyor is one of the leading solutions from Fetch Robotics. It utilizes the Freight robots working in concert with warehouse employees and the SAP EWM.

The associates pick goods from shelves and places onto a container or a shelf on a Fetch robot. When goods are all picked, the picker sends Freight to the packing station either using mobile device or touch screen on the robot.

As the worker completes this task, SAP EWM is updated with the completed order and another Freight robot engages with him or her to start following the employee for their next picking order.

In some warehouses, employees walk up to 14 miles each day, a physically demanding regimen that leads to fatigue, injury and burnout.

By introducing the Freight robot into the workforce, employees spend up to 50 per cent less time traversing the warehouse floor and more time fulfilling orders.

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