CeMAT theme to be smart supply chain solutions


CeMAT Update

Automatic guided vehicles that optimize their own routes. Warehouses that automatically recognize missing inventory and order refills in real time. Systems that develop into complete service providers, thanks to innovative IT. CeMAT 2016 brings all the fascinating trends in intralogistics together at the same time and place.

The future belongs to the Smart Factor – but only after perfectly integrated logistics processes create the necessary preconditions. This makes the intelligent control of inventory flows an absolute must.

Manufacturers, dealers, service providers: All of these are on the lookout for new technologies and ideas. And CeMAT is the only place that brings together groundbreaking solutions for the entire supply chain – under the keynote heading of Smart Supply Chain Solutions.  

Integrated worlds

A key focus in 2016 will be on IT, which represents the common connection between all the fields involved in highly automated logistics. As a result, CeMAT is an absolute must – for IT specialists as well as for production managers and top executives across the world who want to obtain a complete overview of today’s market and discover the building blocks for the factories of tomorrow.

Dr Uwe Kubach, VP for IoT enablement, SAP and a member of the CeMAT executive committee, says: “Logistics 4.0 introduces such key new technologies as the Internet of Things, the Cloud and Big Data to logistics processes. Great potential for process optimization and new business models.”

Whether it’s about energy-saving forklifts or industrial trucks, complex conveyor systems, racking and warehouse systems or the latest in system control – you’re sure to find all the latest innovations for your special area of expertise at CeMAT in Hannover.