Cisco Jasper links up with Cumulocity to offer IIoT services


Cisco Jasper has agreed a partnership deal with Cumulocity, a global IoT application enablement platform.

The collaboration has resulted in Cumulocity integrating the functionality of Cisco Jasper’s IoT service platform into its platform.

Through this integration, mobile operators who resell Cumulocity services will have access to Cisco Jasper’s platform functionality built into the Cumulocity-based applications they make available to their enterprise customers. 

This is the latest in a string of IoT technology alliance partnerships (including Microsoft, IBM, SAP and more) that Cisco Jasper has signed over the past 18 months.

Cisco Jasper has found some success as an IoT service platform, with ABB one its more well known industrial robotics companies.

“Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for enterprises to deliver and manage IoT services while working within their IT solutions of choice,” said Macario Namie, head of IoT strategy at Cisco Jasper.

“This integration gives Cumulocity customers access to their Cisco Jasper IoT service platform, and all of the visibility, intelligence and control they need to manage their connected services, from within Cumulocity.”

“Over 3,500 enterprises rely on the Cisco Jasper platform to deliver their IoT services, and many of those enterprises already utilize Cumulocity’s powerful application enablement platform to create, deploy and manage IoT applications that facilitate control of devices and their data,” said Jari Salminen, MD sales and strategic partners at Cumulocity.

“This collaboration enables our existing joint customers to easily manage their IoT connectivity, devices and data within a single solution, while also streamlining the ability for new customers to bring IoT services and applications to market.”

Control Center is the Cisco Jasper IoT service platform, a cloud-based IoT platform that enables companies of different sizes to rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize IoT services for connected devices.

Cumulocity says its platform, which is configurable to meet the requirements of businesses across a range of industries, helps companies accelerate time-to-market, automate operations, optimize performance, troubleshoot and fix issues, and manage costs.

The Cumulocity IoT application enablement platform is designed to facilitate an open eco-system with free and immediate access to test accounts, open developer documentation and tools.

The Cumulocity platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, which is sold through mobile operators and is extensible to enterprise end customers.

Through this integration, mobile operators who resell Cumulocity services will have the benefit of having Control Center functionality built into the Cumulocity-based applications they make available to their enterprise customers.

As businesses grow, Control Center makes it easy for them to seamlessly scale their IoT service businesses across the globe. Cisco Jasper collaborates with 27 mobile operator groups, representing more than 100 mobile operator networks worldwide, to deliver the benefits of the Cisco Jasper IoT solutions.

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