Actuators to improve weld quality and reduce costs

actuators in industry

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According to, which is a website that explains more about actuators, it is evident that there are several ways that actuators improve weld quality and reduce costs.

An actuator is a type of motor that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism or system. It is operated by a source of energy – typically, electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure, or pneumatic pressure – and converts that energy into motion.

Electric resistance welding actuators when welding opens their tips just enough to move to the next position which results in time-saving, so more welding is done using the same amount of energy, saving time and reducing costs and producing high quality. 

actuators in industry

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Electric actuators provide a consistent force to weld tips. This consistent force ensures that there is no over-welding which can lead to burn-through or under-wielding which on the other hand ensures that there are no weak welds and therefore the output is of exact quality as needed by the manufacturer.

Through this there is ensured high quality weld since there are no errors incurred which improves weld quality and reduces costs since there will be less or no wastage of material.

Since the electric actuators are not subject to burn-through, its implies that the weld tips will not be subjected to excessive wear that comes from the burn-through and this reduces the rate of replacing the weld tips hence reducing costs that could otherwise have been incurred in the replacement.

The electric actuators are programmable to meet new market demands. This makes it easy to adapt to new brands and hence reduces the costs of coming up with new actuators for every new brand that is produced, reducing production costs of new brands in the market.

As well as helping in reducing the costs it also produces high quality because once they are programmed they are locked to avoid any errors.

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