Infosys to network all Kuka industrial robots in new global Cloud platform



The two companies say they will jointly develop Industry 4.0 solutions, while Kuka has established a new software company 

Kuka and Infosys say they will jointly develop solutions to support companies embracing Industry 4.0.

Kuka is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial robots, and Infosys specialises in software solutions for large businesses.

The aim of the collaboration is the development of a software platform that will allow customers to collect, evaluate and utilize data for improving their own processes. 

Kuka says it will work to extend the connection of machines with the Cloud by establishing an Industry 4.0 Cloud Platform. These software and services will be developed by a newly established subsidiary of Kuka, which has been named Connyun.

Dr Christian Schlögel, CTO of Kuka and CEO of Connyun, says: “We want to offer our customers access to a wide ecosystem of partners. We are inviting partners and start-ups to offer their services on our platform.

“With our own solutions and the expanded range of partner solutions, we can offer customers a wide breadth of production and logistics processes optimization.

“Infosys is an ideal partner in this endeavor. Their extensive and global technology experience will greatly accelerate the process of platform development.”

Gordon Muehl, vice president industry 4.0 at Infosys, says: “With this cooperation, we will extend the spectrum of Industry 4.0 significantly.

“Robots play a key role in realizing the benefits of Industry 4.0. As a leader in robotics and a pioneer in Industry 4.0, Kuka brings invaluable expertise to this partnership.”

The name connyun is comprised from the English word “connect” and “yun”, the Chinese term for cloud.

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