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Demands in medical automation technology brings two prominent players closer together

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trajan scientific building

Trajan Scientific cleared all doubts regarding its investments in Leap Technologies earlier this month, says Snehal Chougule  

Trajan has been in the news over the past few months. The company brought all speculations to rest when it announced its decision to invest in Leap Technologies.

Established in 1889 Carrboro, NC with the aim to fulfill the requirements of many analytical laboratories, Leap offers innovative solutions in different space including research and development. 

Other fields that experiences the presence of such solutions are life science, pharmaceuticals, academia, food processing and polymer among others.

Research analysts taking a closer look at the growth rate, drivers, demands and trends in medical automation technologies market reveal collaboration of both the group would complement the increasing capabilities.

Officials at Trajan Group believe that merging Leap into the company would complement the fast increasing abilities of Trajan. They further add that the recent development would enable them to achieve their aim to “positively influence human wellbeing”.

Furthermore, both companies are confident that merger will not only improve science but also laboratory workflows. This will eventually result in bringing the test of a sample closer to its source, while providing support to the highly improved efficacies in the laboratory.

Commenting on the company’s decision, Stephen Tomisich, chief executive officer at Trajan, says: “We are so pleased to welcome the Leap team into the Trajan family.”

He adds: “Trajan has a technology-rich development pipeline of disruptive sampling and sample preparation products speeding towards commercialization and Leap provides the automation capability to allow adoption into laboratory workflows. We think it’s a partnership with huge potential.”

Leap’s president, Werner Martin predicts that it is a great opportunity for Leap to collaborate with Trajan and indicates that this bold move is just a step forward to apply latest automation configurations for the rapidly emerging analytical chemistry labs located globally.

Werner further adds that there are multiple synergies both companies plan on exploring, which can speed up the positive influence on the well-being of patients. He believes that this can be made possible by enhancing the developments for lab workflow and automation.

Chief executive officer at Leap Technologies, Sal Iacono, also echoes his sentiments. Iacano expressed his excitement in becoming an entity of Trajan.

The CEO adds that the widening opportunities are expected to resulted in highly disruptive, organized and efficient solutions including the creative HDx platform from Leap for diagnostic, life science and environmental industries. These sectors are immensely profitable.

Iacano says: “We are eagerly looking forward to continuing and further expanding our relationships with superb technology partners such as CTC Analytics, Axel-Semrau and Gyger to name a few, in integrating their outstanding offerings with Trajan’s many disruptive technologies to provide superior innovation to the marketplace.”

Eyeing the major advancements in the industry, Allied Market Research has published a report titled Medical Automation Technologies Market – Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2020.

As per the study the industry is expected to register a compund annual growth rate of 7 percent by 2016. Research weighs up on the key opportunities, drivers, demands, trends and growth rate shaping the sector.

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