From fewer human workers to no human workers. That’s the way things are going, says Genpact

Paul Burton, senior vice president, analytics and research

Paul Burton, senior vice president, analytics and research

Not very far into the future, business leaders will no longer be asking, “How can I achieve this objective with fewer human resources?”, instead they will be asking, “How can I achieve this objective with no human resources?” 

That is the view of Paul Burton, senior vice president, analytics and research, Genpact. 

In a very thorough and extended blog on the subject of business process outsourcing and related subjects, Burton claims there will be a “fundamental paradigm shift” in the way enterprises approach the objective of efficiency.

Burton writes: “We believe that disruption in our industry will result from a fundamental shift in the BPO paradigm. No longer will we (or our competitors) ask how we can operate a particular process more efficiently with fewer, and less expensive, human resources.

“Instead, our point of departure will be from a new paradigm, one in which the framing question is: how do we operate this particular process with no human resources? When you start with this proposition, everything about the way you approach the problem changes.”

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