Comau robot

Comau Robotics claims double-digit growth for third year in a row

Comau robot
Comau robot, with its distinctive red paintwork
COnsorzio MAcchine Utensili, or Comau Robotics, has been growing fast in recent years, according to a statement released by the company, although it has yet to reveal figures to back up its claims.

Comau technology is said to be used by all major automotive companies in their manufacturing plants, and the robots are often painted a distinctive red, reminiscent of that famous prestige car marque, Ferrari.

Comau says that for the third consecutive year, the positive growth trend has continued, and for the third consecutive year it has recorded a “double-digit increase in articulated robot sales”.

Similarly, the results in individual industries reflect the company’s global growth trend, which is even more significant as it “underlines the success of Comau’s market penetration strategies”.

In particular, the increase in 2015 was equally distributed within the automotive category and general industry sector, the latter of which is where Comau has been investing both at a commercial level and at a product level.

The growth, in addition to China, was particularly concentrated in Eastern Europe and within the North American Free Trade (Nafta) region.

“In the APAC region the company has recorded a significant increase in sales thanks in part to the establishment in China of both production facilities and one of the most cutting-edge Innovation Centers within the Comau global network,” says the company in a statement.