Art created with Google DeepDream neural networks to feature in exhibition

google deepdreamArtists who have been experimenting with Google’s DeepDream source code – designed for visualisation using artificial intelligence techniques – are to display their work at an art exhibition.

Entitled DeepDream: The Art of Neural Networks, all the artworks in the exhibition are made using artificial neural networks, which are “a biologically inspired form of computing which, unlike classical computer algorithms, aren’t programmed directly by human operators but instead learn from large amount of example data”, according to the blurb on the website.

And the artworks do look computer-generated, although probably recognisable as being distinct from what you might achieve with a few filters in Photoshop. The exhibition will also feature an auction.

The exhibition is part of Google’s efforts to stimulate artistic interest in the emerging technology. The art exhibition is part of a two-day event at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco, and is followed by a symposium the next day.

On the Google blog publicising the event, software engineer Mike Tyka writes: “With machine learning as field moving forward at a breakneck pace and rapidly becoming part of many – if not most – online products, the opportunities for artistic uses are as wide as they are unexplored and perhaps overlooked.”

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