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Greentree Logistics switches to automated payment system

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automated payment systems, logistics automationGreentree Logistics has decided to implement VersaPay’s cloud-based automated invoicing, accounts receivable management and payment solutions system, ARC.

“The transportation industry is incredibly competitive and to set Greentree apart we have reimagined the carrier experience. We have selected VersaPay to help us deliver on that enhanced experience,” says Abbey Van Vynckt, VP of finance at Greentree.

“The ARC platform will save our customers a lot of time and allow them to make payments online in a PCI (payment card industry) compliant environment. 

“Additionally, our team at Greentree will be far more efficient as they will no longer have to manually match payments to invoices and they will have access to information dashboards enabling them to better serve customers.”

Craig O’Neill, CEO, VersaPay, says: “We have a number of customers in the trucking and logistics sector, and it’s great to see players like Greentree changing the game and using ARC to help them meet their objectives.

“We expect to see continued growth in this area as our ARC solution has proven to help these companies achieve a marked improvement in their business operations.”

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