Demis Hassabis. Photograph: David Ellis for Google

DeepMind boss developing special AI to solve all of humanity’s problems

Demis Hassabis. Photograph: David Ellis for Google
Demis Hassabis. Photograph: David Ellis for Google

The founder of one of the most interesting startups in recent years says he is working on a special kind of artificial intelligence that will potentially solve all of humanity’s problems, according to an interview on The Guardian website

Demis Hassabis, whose DeepMind company was bought by Google a couple of years ago for $625 million, refers to his version of AI as artificial general intelligence, or AGI.

He says AGI can potentially find solutions to “cancer, climate change, energy, genomics, macroeconomics, financial systems, physics”, and many of the systems which are getting too complex for humans to master.

Hassabis says: “There’s such an information overload that it’s becoming difficult for even the smartest humans to master it in their lifetimes. How do we sift through this deluge of data to find the right insights? One way of thinking of AGI is as a process that will automatically convert unstructured information into actionable knowledge. What we’re working on is potentially a meta-solution to any problem.”

DeepMind recently beat a grandmaster in the ancient Chinese game Go, a feat that was previously thought beyond the abilities of computers. Hassibis himself is a former chess master and video games designer.

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